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Welcome to RCAN (Retail Collection Attorney Network). We very much appreciate your decision to advertise on the RCAN Network. RCAN is the only retail collection attorney network that can put its members and advertisers in front of nearly 30,000 Credit and Collection Industry professionals in our daily opt-in email advertising campaign and exposure on the Collection Indutrsy News website with 1.5 million page views monthly. In addition, we have many high exposure internet portals that we use to cross market the RCAN Network throughout the world wide web. Search engine positioning is a key factor to advertising on RCAN as well. We have the best SEO team in the Collection Industry on staff, who also happens to be one of the founders of RCAN, Collection Industry News, and Top Ten Marketing amongst many others. All pages in the RCAN Network are optimized by our webmasters in order to give every law firm and vendor tremendous exposure on the internet.

You can attract prospective customers with your own custom made sponsor box ad for just $100.00 per month for our attorney state pages and vendor pages and just $50.00 for our attorney city pages. All ads must be paid by credit card monthly or for full term of ad. If you have something else in mind, please contact our Florida office to discuss at 800-648-1914 ext 217. All ads are for an initial 6 month term. Should you have any questions regarding the placement of an ad on the RCAN Network, please contact either office of RCAN and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we possibly can. Below is our print and fax Banner Advertising Agreement. Please print it out, fill in your information, sign it and fax it to 561-995-9678.  

Print & Fax Banner Advertising Agreement

Agreement entered into by and between Retail Collection Attorney Network, hereinafter referred to as RCAN, and ____________________________________the undersigned, hereinafter referred to as the Advertiser. 

RCAN and the Advertiser mutually agree as follows:

1.) The Advertiser has elected to advertise in the RCAN Network by selecting a Sponsor Box Ad which is located on the near the top of each city, state and vendor page.

Please select where you want your ad placed:

  _____________________Sponsor Box on Attorney State Page or Vendor Page for $100.00 monthly

  _____________________Sponsor Box on Attorney City Page for $50.00 monthly

   $300.00 per month 234 x 60 side banner ad on Front Page of site

  $300.00 per month Name Tag banner Ad on Vendor Search Page     


The term of all ads is six months, automatically renewable on the first day after the first or any subsequent six month term unless cancelled via certified mail 30 days prior to the renewal date. Certified letters must be sent to Retail Collection Attorney Network, P.O. Box 760, Boca Raton, Florida 33429. If you wish to place ads in more than one location on RCAN, it would be better for you to phone in your preferences to our staff. All ads are placed first come, first served.

2.) Payment Options:

In consideration whereof, the Advertiser agrees to pay $________per month for ad space selected above via:

  • Credit Card charge for amount checked above by filling in your credit card information below.

*All charges to your credit card will appear on your credit card statement as Columbia Financial International, Inc.

3.)  RCAN reserves the right for any reason deemed by it sufficient in the protection of its interests, at any point to terminate this agreement by refunding to the Advertiser the unearned amount of any sum paid, covering the then un-expired portion of this agreement.

4.)  The term of this agreement is for a period of six months from the date executed below and will continue in force and in effect under the same terms and conditions as contained herein for six month increments, unless sooner terminated by RCAN as foresaid, or by the Advertiser via written notice sent by certified mail to RCAN not less than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the first six month term or any subsequent six month incremental renewal term.

5.)  This agreement shall not be effective until executed by a duly authorized representative of RCAN. The banner advertising agreement comes with the understanding that as an Advertiser, you may receive prospective client referrals directly from RCAN staff members and that your banner advertising agreement with RCAN is for advertising purposes only and is not based upon either the quality or the quantity of referrals that are sent to your office directly from RCAN staff members.

6.)  It is solely the responsibility of the Advertiser to inform RCAN of any changes in your ad.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Advertiser has by its duly authorized representative, hereunto subscribed their name and in doing so accept and agree to all parameters as set forth in this banner advertising agreement and wish to become an advertiser on the RCAN Network, this_____   day of ____________, in the year ___________.

               Member Name: ______________________________________________________________

               Contact: _________________________________________________________________

               Authorized Member's Signature_______________________ Print Name________________  

               Address :___________________________________________________________________  

                City:  _________________________   State: _______________Zip:__________________  

                Phone: ___________________ Fax: _____________800#___________________________         

                E-Mail: _____________________Web Address: ___________________________________  

                Credit Card _______________Card #__________________________Exp Date:___________

I authorize RCAN to charge my credit card monthly for the amount stated in Section 2 of this agreement on the date I sign this agreement and every 30 days for a period of 5 months to pay for my banner advertising agreement with RCAN.

Card Member Signature: ___________________________Date__________________________

RCAN - P.O. Box 760 - Boca Raton, Florida 33429 - Phone 800-648-1914 Ext 217 - Fax 561-995-9678

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